A Better Car Dealer

We are a better car dealer because we care more!

At Advantage Car & Credit, our mission is to redefine the car buying journey, making it effortless, low-pressure, and tailored to your needs. We are dedicated to providing you with a safe, reliable, and stylish vehicle that you can be proud of, ensuring your satisfaction extends long after the sale. Additionally, we're committed to helping you rebuild your credit and fostering lasting relationships built on trust and care

The bottom line . . . don’t let your credit challenges stop you from getting the great car you deserve. At Advantage Car & Credit, we understand this economy has caused many good people to lose their good credit. Let us help you with both a great ride AND the ability to rebuild your good credit.

Since our establishment in May 2005, Advantage Car & Credit has been driven by a vision to transform the Buy Here Pay Here industry. Despite achieving numerous milestones, our pursuit of excellence continues as we strive to be recognized as the benchmark for superior car financing and service. Our vision is clear: to set a new standard for what a Buy Here Pay Here dealership should be – "A Better Buy Here Pay Here".

Why Choose Advantage Car and Credit?

Choose Advantage Car & Credit for a car buying experience that prioritizes your satisfaction above all else. From selecting your vehicle to securing financing, our team is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. We've cultivated strong relationships with numerous vendors in the Dayton community to ensure you receive top-quality service work whenever needed. Count on us to provide exceptional care and support throughout your ownership journey.